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Work that has been given a Vintage look.

  • Only Peace by Laurie Search
  • Bird Of Beauty  by Sandra Foster
  • Love Songs by Sherry Hallemeier
  • Two Lemons and grapes by EbyArts
  • The Lucky Horseshoe by Sherry Hallemeier
  • SHAKE SPEAR - Linnwood House, Guildford by Marilyn Harris
  • Vintage Xmas Card by pennyswork
  • Old Fashioned Christmas At Atalaya by Kathy Baccari
  • Vintage farm scene by Penny Rinker
  • Happy Holidays from our Table to Yours by Sherry Hallemeier
  • Country House by Jocelyn  Parry-Jones
  • Christmas Past by Lissywitch
  • Somethin' About You and I by Laurie Search
  • Carriage © by Dawn M. Becker
  • Behind that Tree by cjohansson
  • Enchanting Dutch Winter Landscape by AnnieSnel
  • Ivy round the Window by Catherine Hamilton-Veal  ©
  • Grandmother's Vase and Cala Lilies by Sherry Hallemeier