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New England Coastal Life

New England Coast

Recent Work

  • Solitude and Beach Grass by Linda Makiej
  • The Velsheda by Nancy Richard
  • Cape Islander at Sunrise by Harv Churchill
  • Buoys, Acadian Fishing Village by Harv Churchill
  • Sunset at Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia by Harv Churchill
  • The Swirl by phil decocco
  • Gloucester Harbor ~ Hard At Work by artwhiz47
  • Harbor Loop ~ Gloucester, MA by artwhiz47
  • Heading Home by Gail Falcon
  • Patterned Waves by Regina Valluzzi
  • Tins Of Flowers by phil decocco
  • Braid And Straw by phil decocco

About This Group

We are looking for members who are excited about life on the New England Coastline. Those who are crazy about Massachusetts’ sand beaches, New Hampshire’s tidal creeks, Maine’s rough and rocky coast, Connecticut’s Historic Ports, and Rhode Island’s Majestic Harbors.. and who could forget our southern neighbors from the beautiful states of New York and New Jersey.. and our good neighbors to the north.. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island.

Those who love to go out and shoot those tricky shots.. those hard to get to places like the local secret spot, the hidden harbor, the “open to only the locals” beaches, and the ever beautiful lighthouses, and yes, even the farm life that overlooks the coastline.

So bring us your lobsta’ traps, buoys, tidal creeks, sunrises over coastal waters, old broken boats, crab shells, sea glass.. and anything else unique to the seacoast.

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