Nerds Unite

Description: A collection of all things nerdy.


  • Keep it real by mr-tee
  • Alien landing by Carol and Mike Werner
  • Paper Darts / Planes by Naf4d
  • When Paper got Rock by Becpuss
  • Blow Worm by ellejayerose
  • Quattro! by wahboasti
  • Damselfly by Jason Asher
  • Two Face by Sturstein
  • behind the image.... by wendyL
  • Sunrise Reflected by pmarella
  • Bird Man of Alcatraz by Rajee
  • End of something Beautiful by HeadturnerArts
  • I cover the waterfront by pmarella
  • Alix unplug by Etienne RUGGERI Artwork eRAW
  • Outer Space Inc by retepk
  • A New York Morning ! by pmarella
  • Apple pie by Carol and Mike Werner
  • Zombies! by Jayca