Nerds Unite

Description: A collection of all things nerdy.


  • otaku by dennis william gaylor
  • Pain-Nagato by AlexKramer
  • It's Full of Stars (and nutrition!) by TalkyTaco
  • Marks, Set, Terrible by SixPixeldesign
  • Estha a NYC poet by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Wood Pattern  by lrenato
  • The 80% Dark Chocolate Knight by Sophie Corrigan
  • JUST so Waiting for Godot... by TeaseTees
  • Chase scene music. by J.C. Maziu
  • Dognut by Sophie Corrigan
  • Happy Wandering Buddha  by James Lewis Hamilton
  • Can I Be Of Assistance? by TalkyTaco
  • Speed by Heaven7-Eleven
  • Abstract Super Mario Mushroom by scribbleworx
  • Dog by awakuroi
  • Sherlock // owl by AnnaShell
  • Thai Banana Trees by James Lewis Hamilton
  • You're my Precious! by DoodleDojo