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Nerds Unite

Description: A collection of all things nerdy.


  • Simple Mandelbrot by Rupert Russell
  • Mandelbrot XXIV - Black by Rupert Russell
  • Pwease Choose Me? by Outbreak  DesignZ
  • Santa Trooper by KeriiLynne
  • Monsters In My Pockets by strangethingsA
  • RAT 4x4 - JUST LIVING THE DREAM by Kim Gauge
  • Chocolate.  by ZakkDega
  • Im with the dj by ZakkDega
  • Im with the band by ZakkDega
  • Abstract Tardis 5 by Funky-Designs
  • Agnostic -- The Element of Uncertainty by Samuel Sheats
  • Quantum Blues by William James Taylor Junior
  • up in smoke by ZakkDega
  • The Obelisk / The Diviner (Black and Multi-Coloured on Black) by believeluna
  • May We Meet Again (White background) by believeluna
  • Every Day Im Pufflin (Jigglypuff) by LuisIPT
  • Groot by KeriiLynne
  • Tardis Girl by jayveezed