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Your best art that contains anything Nautical

~ Rock Me On The Water ~ NAUTICAL FEATURES ~ January 29, 2013

MotherNature MotherNature 7035 posts

Please join me in congratulating Graeme Hyde, Nautical’s “New Star of the Week”:http://www.redbubble.com/groups/nautical/forums... Graeme’s work is beautiful. His portfolio is amazing with images from around the world. Graeme is a big supporter of Nautical, and we wish to recognize that. Take the time to look and leave a short note of appreciation. Thank you for your support.

time zero
by vtango

Venice washing #3
by Luke Griffin

In the Blue
by Suzanne Cummings

Sailing Lessons……….
by Brenda Dow

..and she did
by tazzina

Morning light in Williamstown (Australia)
by Ivana Pinaffo

Alexander von Humboldt
by Dominika Aniola

A Log on a Beach
by Nathan Scott

Jolly Fisherman
by Karl Willson

Cap de La Hague
by cclaude

by waxyfrog

Watchin' The Show
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

MotherNature MotherNature 7035 posts

Thanks to all our featured artists for sharing their lovely art! Congratulations on your features:>)

I’m so happy Tori asked me to be a co-host of this marvelous, talented group. You are GREAT!!!

kalaryder kalaryder 14124 posts

Lovely selection, well done to all

Kawka Kawka 47 posts

A nice cross section of work well done to everyone.

Nancy Richard Nancy Richard 531 posts

Excellent choices. Each is a work of art !!!

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1642 posts

Great selection. Congratulations to all those featured.

JRGarland JRGarland 2656 posts

Super congrats to all!!!

autumnwind autumnwind 7389 posts

Amazing congrats to all, wow!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

tori yule tori yule 8320 posts

What a true pleasure it is to co-host this beautiful group with you, Carol. I’m glad you said yes, even though you were already overloaded with obligations.
You have excellent taste, and curate our features beautifully. The selection today is outstanding, Carol. Each and every image is beautiful.

Congratulations to our featured artists. Your work is amazing,
We appreciate your support of this wonderful group. It means so much to us. xxx

Kevin McLeod Kevin McLeod 546 posts

Great images. Congratulations to everyone.

Evita Evita 15069 posts

Fabulous works… Congratulations to all artists !!!! ☺♥

Ivana Pinaffo Ivana Pinaffo 878 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists and thanks for including one of mine

waxyfrog waxyfrog 356 posts

Congratulations you all and so proud to be up there with you .

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4607 posts

Wonderful Selection! Congratulations to all of you on your well deserved features!

Brenda Dow Brenda Dow 54 posts

OH how exciting!!!! Wonderfully emotive works!!!!! Love the sea……. ships…….. sails……… sailing!!!!!
Congrats to all who are here presenting such wonderful work!!!! Love it all!!!!

MotherNature MotherNature 7035 posts

Thank you all for your support of those featured – this kind of response is why I think this is one of the very best groups on RB!

Glenn Bumford Glenn Bumford 1082 posts

Nice selection, congrats to all.

Danica Radman Danica Radman 900 posts

congratulating Graeme Hyde, star of the weak! BRAVO to all
thanks for including my work too!


MotherNature MotherNature 7035 posts

You are all fabulous! Thanks for everything you do to keep this group moving forward:>)