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Into The Blue ~ Nautical Features ~ Nov, 24, 2012

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

by globeboater

Blue Reflection
by Vicki Spindler

Pelican and float
by Linda Ridpath

Patrolling Into The Mist
by Darren Burroughs

A Little Blue Boatshed
by Mieke Boynton

The Magic Bridge II
by staravindur

Summer Bliss
by Tammy Wetzel

Racing at LYRA
by wolftinz

Inflow by the Numbers
by bazcelt

North Boomerang Beach
by Terri Maddock

Ray of Sunshine Before the Storm!
by Rose Landry

Martha Ann
by manateevoyager

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

Congratulations to our featured artists! Your work is incredibly beautiful.
It is a privilege to co-host this group of artists with your outstanding artwork.

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7639 posts

Congratulations to all!!! Thank you so much for including my latest picture ‘Blue Reflection’!!!!!! :)))))))))))))) x x x

wolftinz wolftinz 1994 posts

Thanks Tori, and congratulations to all.

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2156 posts

congratulacion !!!!

Kevin McLeod Kevin McLeod 546 posts

Great works. Congratulations to all.

JRGarland JRGarland 2959 posts

Super congrats everyone!!!

Val Spayne Val Spayne 463 posts

Beautiful blues. Congratulations to all.

MotherNature MotherNature 7238 posts

It’s impossible to feel “blue” when we have images like these to lift the spirit! Congratulations to all the featured artists:>)

Evita Evita 15471 posts

Beautiful…. Congratulations to all !!! ☺♥

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1613 posts

Wow, what gorgeous images. Absolutely beautiful.

kalaryder kalaryder 16196 posts

Wonderful work, well done to all

Glenn Bumford Glenn Bumford 1153 posts

Bluetiful work, congrats to you all.

Tammy Wetzel Tammy Wetzel 2 posts

Tori, thanks so much for featuring my work. It’s an honor to be among all of these beautiful pieces!

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4502 posts

Awesome Selection! Congratulations to all featured artists!!!

linaji linaji 6564 posts

WOW, WOW AND MORE WOW… this gallery rocks Tori and so do all the chosen Artists… big CONGRATS!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2524 posts

Fabulous choices, Tori! Congratulations to all featured – they’re BEAUTIFUL!

tori yule tori yule 8211 posts

I thought these images were beautiful, and I’m glad you agree. It’s so nice to see so many of you here, supporting our wonderful group and our featured artists! Thank you so much. I feel all the work in our gallery is worthy of being featured, and I hope we get to all of you. If you have had work here for a long time, please resubmit it, it’s always easier to find. If you have a piece you absolutely love, and would love to see it featured, send me a bmail. If you have a great idea for a theme, let me know. This is our group and I’m listening.