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Bits and Bob's Round the Harbor ~ July 28, 2012

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Bits and Bob’s Round the Harbor

Morning Sail
by Amy Weiss

It's So Hot It's Good To Take A Bath – Hace Tanto Color Esta Bueno De Bañarse
by Bernhard Matejka

Porthole & Ladder
by Laurie Minor

by Kate Wall

Fisherman's Etude
by kirilart

A Captain and His Dog
by Randy Turnbow

by su2anne

Lobster Floats
by Anthony M. Davis

Bay Fishing
by Kip Nunn

Cormorant Fisherman
by Karl Willson

High Tide at The Creek
by Tarrby

Margaretsville Wharf
by PhotosByHealy

Linda Lees Linda Lees 1428 posts

I’m always astonished at the diversity and quality of works being featured in this group! Congratulations to all featured artists

kalaryder kalaryder 14346 posts

Fabulous selection, well done to all featured

JRGarland JRGarland 2712 posts

Super congrats to one and all!!!

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2323 posts

congratulacion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PhotosByHealy PhotosByHealy 2538 posts

Many thanks, linaji, for including my image Margaretsville wharf in today’s wonderful presentation. I am honoured and appreciative.

And Congratulations to all the artists whose works were featured today.. Well done, everyone.

- Gene

linaji linaji 6570 posts

So good to see all my friends and Co Creators here at Nautical, thank you all for visiting and your constant support feels so good.!
congrats and cheers to all the FEATURED ARTISTS!

Laurie Minor Laurie Minor 2018 posts

Wonderful selection & presentation, Lina!! Congrats to all!!

Bernhard Matejka Bernhard Matejka 3986 posts

thanks and congrats to all!

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Hi Laurie…love your contribution! Hi Bernhard…wow your image is fun and amazing! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE STARS!

Val Spayne Val Spayne 460 posts

Great Gallery as always Lina :)

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2840 posts

Fabulous collection, congratulations to all the artists!

sdaniel79 sdaniel79 33 posts

Excellent selections, congrats!!

su2anne su2anne 1544 posts

a stunning array of images linaji
congrats to those featured!
x suzanne:))

Evita Evita 15209 posts

Wow.. Fabulous works….. Congratulations to all featured artists !!!!! ☺♥

RGHunt RGHunt 7454 posts

Congratulations to all those featured. Outstanding work. Great choices.

Wayne  Nixon  (W E NIXON PHOTOGRAPHY) Wayne Nixon ... 946 posts

Congratulations to all!!

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Goodness All thank you so very much! your creative spirit is so much appreciated by your hosts!!

Lucinda Walter Lucinda Walter 8916 posts

Beautiful selections. Congratulatons to all!

LucySummer LucySummer 2 posts

Wonderful! All!!

Glenn Bumford Glenn Bumford 1097 posts

Wonderful selection, well done.

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9340 posts

Gorgeous creations! What a wonderful display. Congratulations to all featured artists.

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Hello Lucinda, Lucinda and BArney and Sweet Beatrice, thank you all for stopping in to support and view our amazing Co Creators!! Sending you much appreciation!

annieannie annieannie 1042 posts

late as so often
am trying to get used to yet another red bub change
thank goodness i can still find the groups
wonderfull features again
congrats to all

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Hi Annie… thank you for finding us. xxx