Abstract Nature's Macro Art (no paintings, insects, flowers))

For macro photography which appears to be an abstract painting. A photo...but at first glance looks like abstract art, but with a closer look is actually a macro photo from nature. (No flowers/dandelions/animals/fruit/vegetables/dewdrops/raindrops please


  • Sea and Sand Forms by Haydee  Yordan
  • Much Scribble by Werner Padarin
  • Coloured scribble by Werner Padarin
  • Bark 8 by Werner Padarin
  • Ribbon Gum Bark  by Werner Padarin
  • Bark  by Werner Padarin
  • Soft Rock Crack by Haydee  Yordan
  • Lichen by Werner Padarin
  • Bark 7 by Werner Padarin
  • Rock by Werner Padarin
  • The Lost Islands by Kathie Nichols
  • Woodland floor-Available As Art Prints-Mugs,Cases,Duvets,T Shirts,Stickers,etc by Robert Burns
  • Bark Tree (series)...! by sendao
  • Sand Lights by Haydee  Yordan
  • Orange Peel by Haydee  Yordan
  • People of the Tree by Deborah Milligan
  • The Knot by CynLynn
  • Salvaged by ralph arce