Abstract Impressionism in Nature (Macro Photos of shapes & textures)

Colours and textures in nature that leave an impression of something other than what it is!

I shoot rocks

Stephanie Bateman-Graham Stephanie Bate... 53 posts

Hi folks
I’m new to Redbubble and was hoping to become involved with your group. I use a microscope to take very macro pictures of mineral specimens. I’m constantly amazed by the colours and shapes that emerge. I adjust brightness and contrast to bring out features but there’s no additional processing. However I’m not quite sure if my work is appropriate for this group. Would it be possible for someone to take a look at my portfolio and let me know if what I do is elegible in general? I’m happy to answer any questions about my process.

I’m so new here I don’t even know if my profile will be automatically linked to this message! So just in case here I am: http://www.redbubble.com/people/stephbg

I really hope I’ll be able to join in this community, but I appreciate that rules are rules and I might not be right for you. Love your work everyone.