Nature's Reclamation

Nature versus Humanity: Anything man-made shown in a state of natural degeneration.

  • Abandon  by Karl F Davis
  • Lines And Vines by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Keeping Out,Or In  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Eternal Crossings  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Harebells at Urquhart by lezvee
  • That Is Not Dead by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Sherborne Old Castle by kalaryder
  • Soon, It Will Be Litter  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • Bonner Pass, California USA by Mike Pesseackey (crimsontideguy)
  • Hundatora by lezvee
  • St. Louis To California Stage by Mike Pesseackey (crimsontideguy)
  • Serving Vital Purpose  by Paul Lubaczewski
  • "TATER'S, 'Tuck y'all in, INN... We'll Leave the wick lit for ya'"... prints and products by © Bob Hall
  • The Absence of Man by wiscbackroadz
  • Church Yard~ Old Dutch Church by Rusty Katchmer
  • A Path Through the Trees by Sandra Fortier
  • This is the way, step inside by Traven Milovich
  • Peeking Through by WildestArt