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Welcome Member #200, Ken Haley!

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 17147 posts

Our 200th member joined Nature’s Patterns and Designs today! Welcome, Ken Haley of Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Ken is SO new to our group that he hasn’t yet added an image to the group. Here’s a taste of his work (and I do hope he adds this to the group):

Petal's Womb
by Ken Haley

Kenneth Haley Kenneth Haley 20 posts

Thank you for the welcome, Celeste. I’ll submit Petal’s Womb right now! How exciting to be number 200!

Alexandra Lavizzari Alexandra Lavi... 2280 posts

Very lovely and delicate picture, Ken!

Cynthia Harris Cynthia Harris 1100 posts

Wow – fancy being the 200th member! Welcome Ken and congratulations on the honorable mention! Love your image as well.

Kenneth Haley Kenneth Haley 20 posts

Thank you, group members! This looks like a very special group, wish I had found it sooner! Or maybe I found it at the right time. How else to make my entrance?

Anita Pollak Anita Pollak 491 posts

Welcome to the group, Ken! Your image is just lovely and I look forward to seeing more of your work!