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Natures Paintbrush... *PHOTOGRAPHS* ONLY !!! NO paintings or Artwork, definitely *NO B&W*, NO MANMADE, NO JITTERY and also *ONLY 2 images per day*

Group Rules:

-Redbubblers from all levels are welcome.
The group is about COLOUR !!! no B&W
*No B&W, Sepia, People and NO selective colouring
and NO iPad covers, no Iphone covers, and No T-Shirts !!!
-HDR will be allowed, as long as the tonemapping is not overdone
-Nothing man-made unless well blended into the photograph. (If approval is declined, feedback will be given as to why.)
-PHOTOGRAPHS ONLYNo paintings, drawings or water colors Please
-Nature’s paintbrush is its own artist, basic editing only.
No Nudity, Pornography, Violence, or anything that could be considered crude, rude, or socially unacceptable
-Limit to 2 per day, per member.

-Animal images will only be accepted if colours or features are like the work of nature. (Again, feedback will be given if declined approval).