Natures Paintbrush... *PHOTOGRAPHS* ONLY !!! NO paintings or Artwork, definitely *NO B&W*, NO MANMADE, NO JITTERY and also *ONLY 2 images per day*

Natures Paintbrush

Recent Work

  • Take a Bow by relayer51
  • Blues and Greens...... Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • Misty Mountains Of El Salvador by Al Bourassa
  • Pretty Blue Pansies........Dorset UK by lynn carter
  • What's The Hold Up? by byronbackyard
  • Sunset Anteater  by byronbackyard
  • Yellow Tulip Display by Elaine Teague
  • Living Colour by Jay-Wolf
  • Grand Tetons - Mountains of the West by Kathy Weaver
  • Hot Trek by Francis Drake
  • Bumble Bee in the garden by lightphotos
  • Trees in Briesetal by unikatdesign

About This Group

Mother nature’s paint brush is seen in all corners of the world whether it be the delicate colours of the tulip fields in Holland or the crisp white mountain tops of The Rocky Mountains or the Swiss Alps. Nature’s paintbrush also includes animals such as the beauty of a birds colours, details in the structure of insects (e.g. butterflies, moths, bees and spiders) or the webs on which they live. The delicate stripes of our much loved Big Cats are also fantastic examples of Nature’s artwork.
Man-made objects will be accepted if the object is well blended into ’nature’s art work’.
-RedBubblers from all levels are welcome.
-Nothing man-made unless well blended into the photograph. also no PS adaptions(If approval is declined, feedback will be given as to why.)
-PHOTOGRAPHS ONLYNo paintings,drawings or water colours Please
-Nature’s paintbrush is its own artist, basic editing only.
-Limit to 2 per day, per member….Maximum 20 per Member
-Animal images will only be accepted if colours or features are like the work of nature. (Again, feedback will be given if declined approval).

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