Classic Artistic Still Life ( This group is closed }

Table Top Creations 2 per day

  • Still life with pumpkin and onions by JBlaminsky
  • For a grandma by katarina86
  • Aardewerk1 by GWinkel
  • Winter Warmer by Paula Oakley
  • Autumn still life by katarina86
  • Hat And Gloves by Andrew Pounder
  • Wit doekje by GWinkel
  • Just dry by katarina86
  • Summer apples by Elena Oleniuc
  • Attention  by JBlaminsky
  • Vaas met tulpen by GWinkel
  • Tea For You! by Sandra Foster
  • Browning Up by Michael May
  • Still life with roses by Madalena Lobao-Tello
  • Green apples by Elena Oleniuc
  • Bouquet of peonies and old books by JBlaminsky
  • Wine - Lace And Flowers by Evita
  • Still life with three red dragons by andreisky