Nature Photography Challenge (wild creatures, plants and places only)

A regular photography contest for Nature lovers who love to learn and teach.


  • Avian Elegance by William C. Gladish
  • Time For a Swim by Ron Russell
  • The worlds cutest baby bird by Nicole W.
  • Praying Mantis vs. Grasshopper by William C. Gladish
  • Polyommatus icarus by César Torres
  • Morning Dew by Tori Snow
  • Scarce Swallowtail by marens
  • amazing butterfly by Nicole W.
  • The Pose And The Look. by Tracy Faught
  • Colias crocea by César Torres
  • Glaucopsyche melanops by César Torres
  • Maniola jurtina by César Torres
  • Gulf Fritillary by Dean Cunningham
  • Pieris brassicae by César Torres
  • Porcupine Hug by William C. Gladish
  • The Tree Hugger by Kathy Baccari
  • Against the odds by Explorations Africa Dan MacKenzie
  • Squirrel Dinner - Don't mess with me while I'm eating... by Benjamin Brauer