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How to Add Work to a Group

alienfunk alienfunk 391 posts

Firstly click on your ‘Mybubble’ page, top right hand of the screen.

> On the left hand side you will see a couple of box menus under the ‘Add Work’ box.

> Scroll half way down you will see a box with ‘manage your work’. Click on ‘Art’.

> Scroll to the artwork you wish to add to a particular group and click on ‘edit’ or the title of your work to open it.

> Scroll down and you will see ‘Add Work To Groups’ click on this and tick the boxes to those groups you wish to add your work. Scroll down and save your changes and your work will now sit in ‘moderation’ until the group hosts accept or decline your work to their groups. Some groups add work automatically.

Brian Healy Photography Brian Healy Ph... 6 posts

Got it!!! Thanks so much Debi, and sorry to be “high maintenance”!