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Nature Photography Challenge (wild creatures, plants and places only)

A regular photography contest for Nature lovers who love to learn and teach.

(Sea Life Category) - Suborder - Syngnathidae - Seahorse, Pipefish, Sea Dragon

This challenge closed almost 5 years ago.

The Challenge

The 9th in our new challenge layout catering for all aspects of nature for us nature lovers.

As you can see the title will start with the category which will make it easier for me when choosing what challenge to do next, I can see the challenges I have already run in this category.

For this challenge please add your images of SEAHORSE, PIPEFISH, SEA DRAGON.

Interesting Facts

> The name is derived from Greek, meaning “fused jaw” – syn meaning fused or together, and gnathus meaning jaws.

> Syngnathids are found in temperate and tropical seas across the world. Most species inhabit shallow, coastal waters, but a few are known from the open ocean, especially in association with sargassum mats.

> They are characterised by their elongated snouts, fused jaws, the absence of pelvic fins, and by thick plates of bony armour covering the body. The armour gives them a rigid body, so that they can swim by rapidly fanning their fins. As a result, they are relatively slow compared with other fishes, but are able to control their movements with great precision, including hovering in place for extended periods.

> Uniquely, after syngnathid females lay their eggs, the male then fertilizes and then carries the eggs during incubation. There are a several methods for this. Male seahorses have a specialized ventral pouch to carry the eggs, male sea dragons attach the eggs to their tails, and male pipefish may do either, depending on their species.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favourite!

Rewards & Prizes

1st place winners will have their photo used as the group Avatar for a period of time.
Then 1st, 2nd and 3rd will have their photo’s posted on the groups Feature Board.
1st place member will be become a featured member.

Additional Information


Cover Image: Denise by Henry Jager


The Top Ten

Denise by Henry Jager

Denise by Henry Jager was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • Moving Home. by yook
  • Leafy Sea Dragon by Paulette1021
  • Looking At Me. by JazzieLouise
  • Five Millimeters by Norbert Probst
  • My turn My turn!  by Loretta Marvin
  • Sea Horse by AnnDixon

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