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Nature Photography Challenge (wild creatures, plants and places only)

A regular photography contest for Nature lovers who love to learn and teach.

(Plant Life Algae & Fungi Category) - Group - Lichen

This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

The 3rd in our new challenge layout catering for all aspects of nature for us nature lovers.

As you can see the title will start with the category which will make it easier for me when choosing what challenge to do next, I can see the challenges I have already run in this category.

For this challenge please add your images of LICHEN.

Interesting Facts

> They are organisms consisting of a symbiotic association of a fungus (the mycobiont) with a photosynthetic partner (the photobiont or phycobiont), usually a green alga.

> Lichens occur in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, arctic tundra, hot deserts, rocky coasts, and toxic slag heaps.

> However, they are also abundant on leaves and branches in rain forests and temperate woodland, on bare rock, including walls and gravestones, and on exposed soil surfaces.

> Lichens are widespread and may be long-lived; however, many are also vulnerable to environmental disturbance, and may be useful to scientists in assessing the effects of air pollution, ozone depletion, and metal contamination. Lichens have also been used in making dyes and perfumes, as well as in traditional medicines.

> In many species the fungus penetrates the algal cell wall, forming penetration pegs or haustoria similar to those produced by pathogenic fungi.

> Lichen associations may be considered as examples of mutualism, commensalism or even parasitism, depending on the species.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favourite.

Rewards & Prizes

1st place winners will have their photo used as the group Avatar for a period of time.
Then 1st, 2nd and 3rd will have their photo’s permanently posted on the groups Feature Board.
1st place member will be become a featured member.

Additional Information


Cover Image: Curly by alienfunk


The Top Ten

Lichen by Pam Hogg

Lichen by Pam Hogg was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • PEBBLED PIXIE CAPS by relayer51
  • They Slowly Crept by Rebecca Eldridge
  • lichen on a rock by Manon Boily
  • No! It's Not a Snow Flake. by Gabrielle  Hope
  • Lichen Dots by John Butler
  • Contentment by Werner Padarin
  • The Dove by Gisele Bedard
  • Lichen a Misty Morning by paintingsheep
  • Lichens - Bolivia by Jason Weigner

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