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The Challenge

The 3rd in our new challenge layout catering for all aspects of nature for us nature lovers.

As you can see the title will start with the category which will make it easier for me when choosing what challenge to do next, I can see the challenges I have already run in this category.

For this challenge please add your images of MICE.

Interesting Facts

> The mouse is one of the most successful mammalian genera living on Earth today and has adapted to live in almost any environment.

> Primarily nocturnal animals, mice compensate for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing, and rely especially on their sense of smell to locate food and avoid predators.

> The gestation period for mice is around 20 days and mice can have up to 12 pups.

> Israeli scientists have tested mice as a new airport security detectors. It consists of three concealed cartridges each containing eight specially trained mice. If they sense traces of explosives or drugs, they will trigger the alarm. According to the New Scientist the mice work four-hour shifts and are more accurate than using dogs or x-ray machines.

> Mice like other rodents have open rooted incisors which means their incisors continue to grow throughout their life.

> The name mouse comes from “mus”, a Sanskrit word that means thief.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia and Aaron’s Interesting mice facts

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for your favourite.

Rewards & Prizes

1st place winners will have their photo used as the group Avatar for a period of time.
Then 1st, 2nd and 3rd will have their photo’s permanently posted on the groups Feature Board.
1st place member will be become a featured member.

Additional Information


Cover Image: Yes it is cold... by Yool


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Yes it is cold... by Yool

Yes it is cold... by Yool was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • A Cute Little Woodland Jumping Mouse by Robert Miesner

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