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Nature And Man ~ FEATURE GALLERY ~ December 31st, 2013

Evita Evita 13082 posts

Hello everyone,

Last features for the year 2013 are up….12 beautiful works…do join us in congratulating the artists…. all images are click-able..and it will take you to the artist’s work


Hidden paths
by Maree Clarkson

Lavender Blue
by lorilee

Princes Street Gardens and Ramsay Garden on Castle Hill
by Kasia-D

Little House on the Plains
by Greg Belfrage

Three Shire Heads
by Steve Liptrot

by Marilyn Grimble

Pam's Garden #2
by Elaine Teague

Brighten up your day
by Graeme Mockler

Just Around the Corner
by Laurie Search

by Colleen2012

Surfin' Surprise
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

Gang Members
by relayer51


Congratulations to all artists featured today !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We wish all our Members a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year !!!!

Wrayzo Wrayzo 2277 posts

A brilliant selection of features to end the year, congratulations to all the featured artists, and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Alison Murphy Alison Murphy 177 posts

Fantastic images! Congratulations to everyone, wishing you all a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

Kasia-D Kasia-D 1475 posts

Lovely selection. Thank you for including one of mine. Congratulations, everyone. And Happy 2014!

paintingsheep paintingsheep 1114 posts

Very wonderful selection, Evita! congrats to all!

Margaret  Hyde Margaret Hyde 2112 posts

Lovely collection. Congratulations everyone.

Colleen2012 Colleen2012 148 posts

Congratulations – Beautiful collection Evita. Sending you a big thank you for adding your special touch to 2013 and wishing you and everyone on Redbubble a very Happy and Creative New Year!
Love Colleen2012

Laurie Search Laurie Search 299 posts

I’m so sorry I’m so late getting here!!!! But this is such a beautiful collection of artwork!!! Congratulations to all who are featured here!!!! Thank you so very much for including an image of mine, Evita!!! I’m truly honored!!!! :))))0xoxo