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***FEATURES*** 1st November 2011

Evita Evita 13354 posts

Hello everyone,

Tuesday features are up!
Do take a few minutes to view and congratulate the artists… All images are click-able.

Distant Horizons
by Mike Robinson

No…Mom Said Africa’s This Way
by Michael Carter

Pathway Home
by AnnDixon

Late Day Autumn Sun at the Bridge
by Robin Clifton

Driving on a country lane
by vigor

Flowing into the ocean
by nunper

Autumn Reflections
by lorilee

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (2)
by Ralph de Zilva

Sunset Over The New York City Skyline
by Vivienne Gucwa

Bright and Early
by reindeer

Alone time
by MarianBendeth

Wilson Lake – 7am
by Jim Cumming

Beautiful works…. Cogratulations to all artists featured today!!!!!
We wish all our members a wonderful day!!!
Your Hosts ☺♥

vaggypar vaggypar 13853 posts

Really nice Work .!!

Vivienne Gucwa Vivienne Gucwa 22 posts

Beautiful collection! And thank you so much for using one of mine! I am honored.

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3618 posts

congrats to all….

OPUS1 OPUS1 82 posts

Lovely work :)

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4758 posts

Fabulous Work! Congratulations to all Featured Artists!