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Britain's Nature. 2 a day.

Group Rules:

Challenges will not be set at this present time due to lack of interest.

If your work has been rejected,check below to see the possible reason why. Please do not BM the hosts or ask in the forums, as no correspondence regarding rejections will be entered into, and forum posts will be removed.

2 uploads per day.No manipulated composite shots, although moderate use of textures will be permitted.

No Black/White, coloured shots only .
No digital art permitted , we want your pictures to look natural .

No Pets. Humans. .Animals in Zoos. Close ups of plants/flowers. Man made structures/objects, unless in the distance, not central, and/or not the main focus of the picture.
No Garden flowers , any flowers must have been taken in the wild
Full Description,
We want to know exactly what we are looking at and where it is. Nearest Village, Town, and in what County must be added into the description, along with a little bit about the shot.
None, or insufficient description, it will probably be rejected.

No multiple shots from the same location, different angles etc, or different versions. Please keep your submissions as varied as possible.

Rejected work will be without a reason, as we expect you to understand and abide by the guidelines.

The Hosts decision is Final.