Colour and light

Group Rules:

Only high quality natural colour or black and white and light photographs, please.

Only 2/3 uploads a day please. We do not want you flooding the page with your work. Thank you.

Artistic / photographic quality is an important element. Snapshots are not likely to be accepted.

Shots of flowers are common so must be very good to get into the group. Sorry about rejecting lots of flowers but the group would be like a florist’s shop if they were all accepted!

Flash photography must be without filters so that it is white like natural light.

Filters on lenses (such as polarisers, skylight, UV) are acceptable.

When it comes to photoediting, keep it to a minimum. What the eye and the camera pick up are often two different things. Editing contrast and levels slightly to reproduce what you saw with your eye is about as far as it should go. HDR works which look “over-cooked” will be rejected.

No text on photos please, if your eye can’t see text, it shouldn’t be on the photo.
No borders.

Don’t be offended if you get a rejection, we all have work dropped from groups. It’s not easy moderating. We do not enter into discussion re a rejection. There are just too many images submitted to be doing this. If images are constantly re-submitted that are rejected, then we may consider removing you from the group.

Thank you for your support.

Rémi & Ranald