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MYTHOLOGY and folk tales

every culture on earth has stories and paintings of mythology and folk lore

Recent Work

  • Elohim'... by Valerie Anne Kelly
  • Daughter Of Resolution  { True Blue } by ellamental
  • The Elven King by redqueenself
  • Uncommon Shaman by ellamental
  • The bride's farewell by annacuypers
  • the Bride/ Kiddo by annacuypers
  • The Weather Maker by ellamental
  • 'Visions' by Tom Erik Douglas Smith
  • Mermen and Dolphins at Play .. tee shirt by LoneAngel
  • Beware of Dragon by ChaosGate
  • Earth Dragon by Maddy Storm
  • Atalanta by strawberries

About This Group

mythology goes hand in hand with humanity – through the cave art and carvings .through folk lore and tales of the creation of the earth . the gods that fight , love and play above and below it .this group is for artwork and writting that celebrates all these things

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