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My Personal 365 Day Project 1 per day max-*must state in description*

365 day-52 Week Personal Project

Spotlight Artist

laruecherie laruecherie 330 posts

We have a new Spotlight Artist! Please check out Sylwia’s work. She has been extremely dedicated to the 365 Day Project. I will add a forum post with all the images tomorrow, and a description of what the spotlight is for newer members. My eyes won’t stay open any longer..


365project 365project 1 post

Thank you so much are the backbone behind my dedication. You have always supported my work since the day we met.

laruecherie laruecherie 330 posts

:-) What a kind thing to say! *hugs*Congrats! Thanks for updating the group with the recent images, too:-)

Hege Nolan Hege Nolan 62 posts

Yay! Good work and congratulations!

mariatheresa mariatheresa 41 posts

Congrats Sylwia…You deserve the recognition.. Kudos to the host, Miss Sheri, for your dedication and hard work for the group…Long live My Personal 365 Day Project!

Woepi Woepi 301 posts

Congrats Sylwia ! Always love to see your uploads !

tenzil tenzil 23 posts

Yay, congrats to Sylwia!