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My Model Mania

Dedicated to the beautiful people in your lives - *no street photographer or strangers*

Recent Work

  • I fell with your knife by Heather King
  • Black Butterfly by strawberries
  • The girl in the ivy by strawberries
  • The Long Wait by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Follow by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Beside Myself ~ One Summer Dream Part II by Rhonda Strickland
  • I'm not interested  by strawberries
  • Revenant by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Tangled by strawberries
  • I didn't ask you to beat me by strawberries
  • White Wedding by Jennifer Rhoades
  • You were supposed to wait for me by strawberries

About This Group

We feel that photography, paintings, and various forms of art are very personal and it means so much more to us, and the people around us, to have people we love as part of our vision. We would much rather look at a photo of your husband or wife, sister or brother, mother or father, grandparents, next door neighbor, best friend or pet than something “borrowed” from a stock pool of nameless faces and people. You don’t have to be perfect on the outside to be a model. There is so much beauty in the every day person.
No more POINT AND SHOOT photography allowed in this group.
There is way too much volume to moderate.
If it appears to be a point and shoot photograph, your work will be rejected.

The new more restrictive outline follows as
-Absolutely NO animal shots
(agreed there are all levels of talent as a photographer, and many reasons to validate posting your model, but in the interest of a theme, and in the interest of motivating people to increase their skill level it is in all of our interests to make this a little harder to reach)

Show us how much thought and reflection you put into the photo and how much thought and reflection you think can maximize and get out of each photo you submit.
We will not accept the average snap shot of just anyone. Tell us who this is or why this is special to you.
Challenge yourself above all!
Professional equipment not required, professional spirit is a MUST

Put quite simply, if it looks like your friend’s child took the photograph, it most likely will be reject.
Do not contact the host asking why your image was rejected.
Harassing a host is cause for being banned from this group.
(PLEASE include, in the description, a short bit about the person in the photo, painting, poem, etc. How are they part of your life? Why do you love them? Who are they? We want to know about that special person!! – we “will” accept some work that has a name or simply one word “dad,” however, the better the description, the more likely you are to be featured.)

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts