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  • Cass by Jay Taylor
  • 3 Corgi Puppies. by Edward Denyer
  • Best Friends by © Loree McComb
  • Cavadoodle by Dentanarts
  • Archie by Ladymoose
  • Boxer Dog With Bow - Boxer Dogs Series by Evita
  • The Race is On!! by Polly Peacock
  • Ageing gracefully by Debbie-anne
  • Grassy Socks by Christina Backus
  • Laddie the Beach Boy. by Michael Haslam
  • Visions Of Sugar Plums Danced In Her Head by © Loree McComb
  • Cassius by Jeanette Muhr
  • Loki - Black Labrador by Jay Taylor
  • Happy Easter from Mike and Laddie by Michael Haslam
  • Buster t. Staffy by Ladymoose
  • "D" . . . IS FOR DACHSHUND"   by waddleudo
  • Biding Time by Christina Backus
  • My Friend Jack by Jay Taylor