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Features in Dogs of Any Breed, Style, Age & Colour - 20 October 2013

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2708 posts

I’ve spent the few days since I stepped in as caretaker of this group looking through the wonderful images in the gallery.

It was both easy and hard to choose the features…easy because there are so many lovely shots of your dogs…and hard because I could only pick twelve.

I hope you like my selection and leave a comment for your fellow dog lovers.

Congratulations to…

The Sunday Blues . . .
by Renee Blake

Red Kelpie
by Jenny Brice

by a~m .

Cheeseeee pleaseeeeee…………..
by Sherri Fink

Focus and Attention…..
by PCChang

Bernie the Dog
by Wanda Dumas

Black Russian Wookie
by Gavin Poh

my nakey boy, Gambit
by xTRIGx

by Rob Lavoie

by June Jones

Jack's Black……..and blue
by Garry Copeland

Dam cat!! Wish i was on your side of the fence
by Abigail Jennings

Well done to you all

tropicalsamuelv tropicalsamuelv 9 posts

Beautiful & Lovely!! Congrats Everyone!! ^ ^

Ginny York Ginny York 7020 posts

Beautiful choices Polly! So many fabulous images in this group. :))
Congratulations everyone!! Well done!

Laurie Minor Laurie Minor 1941 posts

Outstanding selection, Polly!! Great clarity & expressiveness! Congrats to all!!

Heidi Mooney-Hill Heidi Mooney-Hill 1186 posts

congratulation to all members………………did a good job, Polly

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2708 posts

Thank you for your support :o)