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Long overdue features!

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1393 posts

Its been a long time, I apologize for that. I haven’t been able to keep up with life for a long time, but I’m getting my grip back so I decided to go back into the gallery a bit more and pick features and not stop at 12. I hope you enjoy them!

Also, if you would like to help out with this group, please sent me a bmail.

Your host,



kalaryder kalaryder 16938 posts

A great variety, well done to you all

Manon Boily Manon Boily 3246 posts

many thanks for adding one of mine. congrats to all

walela walela 135 posts

Thanks so much for the honor of being included. Congratulations for all

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 2443 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists and thanks Nicole for including my work – twice.

vigor vigor 10182 posts

Beautiful selections, congrats to all the featured artists! Thank you for featuring one of mine!

Colleen2012 Colleen2012 135 posts

Congratulations to everyone! An honour to be featured among you all :)
Love Colleen2012

Tarrby Tarrby 1410 posts

Great selections, congrats to all the featured artists.

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 20640 posts

I’m delighted to have two of my photos included among these wonderful featured images – thank you! And sincere congratulations to my fellow featured artists!

lezvee lezvee 4853 posts

A super diverse collection and I am thrilled to be part of it. Thank you so much Nicole. Congratulations to all other artists featured.

sundawg7 sundawg7 640 posts

Many thanks Nicole for including two of my images in your magnificent collection…and congratulations to the other artists for their deserving features.

debidabble debidabble 1065 posts

Thank you Nicole! Wonderful images.

Ethna Gillespie Ethna Gillespie 1482 posts

Congratulations all! And thank you for including mine, Nicole

RVogler RVogler 438 posts

Thank you very much for including my work among those featured in this wonderful gallery – congrats to all featured!

billyboy billyboy 567 posts

So cool to hear you’re back in the zone Nicole :-)
And you haven’t lost your touch… what a wonderful selection of features!
Thanks so much for including iLuigi, and big congrats to all the featurees !!

Evita Evita 15780 posts

Beautiful selections… Thank you for including mine among them …. Congratulations to my fellow featured artists! ☺♥

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1393 posts

You guys make it worth, thank you all so much!

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2661 posts

So very beautiful and dreamy, Nicole!!! Congratulations to all the artists whose work continues to inspire me… I am thrilled to have several included here!!! Thanks, Nicole!!!

Nicole  Markmann Nelson Nicole Markma... 247 posts

Congrats to everyone! :o) And thanks for including my image! :)