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Where a little bit of light shines

Weekly features in Muted!

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1396 posts

*wow…its getting harder and harder to pick features. Too many fabulous works to choose from. This week we have themeless features, and the theme for next week is: Black and white, and its completly open to your imagination and creativity.

In the mean time: have a fabulous weekend!

The mob, the outsider and the cat who didn't care
by © Kira Bodensted

by EbyArts

One Life, One Chance
by Charles & Patricia Harkins ~ Picture Oregon

by johnrace

Junkyard Menace
by sundawg7

Cloths of Heaven
by Susan Werby

The Saddle
by Adam Northam

Ferris Wheel at Torquay Harbour
by lezvee

A Heart To Share….
by Sharon House

by Thomas Barker

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4155 posts

Congratulations to everyone featured here. I am proud to be amongst you.
Beautiful selection Nicole ☺ Thank you for including me.

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 16656 posts

Superb selections – congratulations to all the featured artists!

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7101 posts

Congratulations to all!!! :)))))))))) x x x

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2578 posts

I agree that there is much beauty in the group and amazing art in the Features…Congratulations to all and thank you for selecting one of mine!

lezvee lezvee 2736 posts

Congratulations to all in this feature – it’s great to be among you all.