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Peace in the Heart Challenge Winner

tkrosevear tkrosevear 140 posts

Our Musically Inspired Artist, Midori Furze , thought she was very lucky to win this challenge with her work “Cherry Blossoms in E Major”

Since cherry trees are considered lucky, in most eastern culture, I may tend to agree with her. Symbolically, the cherry tree is considered as a Heavenly tree, representing vulnerability, as every Spring is a new beginning which bears a multitude of budding possibilities which within a short period of time, indicates change, preparation and making the most of our time.
The music which Midori chose, a Japanese piece Haruno Umi which translates to “The Sea of Spring” with the koto and violin, reminded her of the love she has of cherry blossoms in spring, especially when the petals start falling from the trees. It recalled her memories of Japan, where she was born and raised. I asked her how this piece affected her in a peaceful and healing way, as she credited her mother, a music teacher who teaches some traditional Japanese musical instruments and growing up with them. Then she explained that she wanted to capture the beautiful and fragile moments on the canvas, thinking this koto piece was a perfect match with the painting.
When I asked her how she achieves inner peace for herself, she quite simply expressed “Always keep music in Mind”, while also explaining this would be the name of her upcoming exhibition in November.
Midori loves Jazz and Classical music and started playing the piano when she was 5 years old, still loving it. In her teens she sang and played an electric guitar in a band and she basically loves any kind of music, as long as it is great music!
When I asked Midori, who here on RedBubble inspires her, she replied, "So many great talents are on RedBubble. I joined late January this year and since then I’ve enjoyed visiting it every day!! Great talents, beautiful artworks and friendship…RB is an awesome place for me!! I would like to say special “Thank you!!” to Karin Taylor who told me about the MIA group. Without her I wouldn’t be here."
Midori claims her children are better musicians than herself and says, “These days, I listen to music alot while painting.”

Midori’s final words…
“Thank you very much everyone who voted for me. It was a pleasant surprise!!! Love you all”
She also wished to mention those who followed in the challenge, in the top ten: Shanina Conway; Valzart; Jaybe; Justjen; Liesbeth; Craig Shillington; Cj Lewis; J Velasco; and, Rhonda Walker.
This was quite the fruitful challenge (pun intended), for my first endeavor and I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Midori, as well as, looking and listening to all the amazing contributions.
I would like to thank Paul for letting me run amok with this challenge and look forward to our future Musical Inspirations together, here in MIA. CHEERS…TK

TryadDestiny TryadDestiny 47 posts

Lovely interview TK and well down Midori Paul :)))))))))))))))

TryadDestiny TryadDestiny 47 posts

well done sry

Midori Furze Midori Furze 182 posts

Thank you so so sooooooooo much, TK!!
Lots of Love & a Huge Bear Hug!!
: )))

© Karin Taylor © Karin Taylor 3782 posts

oh my heartiest congratulations to you beautiful Midori!!
of all the people i know, this group seemed to be tailor made for you my friend :)
you are so musically inclined and you see it emanating from your works, so that you can almost hear the jazz and classical music pulsating from the colours, shapes and forms in your work. It took me a while to understand and comprehend this, as i’m not a quick study, but with time, and the more i see your beautiful works, the more i understand you and what makes you tick. Nothing could make me happier than hearing your joy and excitement at winning this challenge…for you are so deserving, your heart and soul goes into each and every work, so much thought, effort and beauty comes across to me from you… it is indeed a great honour to know you and call your friend :)
hugs from K xoxoxox

tkrosevear tkrosevear 140 posts

You are most welcome Midori ;)

Thanks Karin for inviting Midori to join our group too ;)

frozenfa frozenfa 55 posts

lovely lovely interview!!! Congratulations to Midori-san for winning!! i love reading how she grew up in Japan.. learning some traditional japanese instruments and about the cherry blossoms.. i especially LOVE this piece of hers!! =D

© Karin Taylor © Karin Taylor 3782 posts

No worries tk!!!
a pleasure it was: :)