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Fungi timelapse

Steve Axford Steve Axford -35 posts

I did this last year. I hope to do more as the opportunity arises.

Vanessa Barklay Vanessa Barklay 1433 posts

That was amazing Steve, my 6 year old little boy just watched it with me and was amazed, I love photographing fungi but seeing it like that really brings them alive, well done mate, look forward to seeing more! :O)

Heather007 Heather007 15 posts

Wow, love it.

Steve Axford Steve Axford -35 posts

Thanks Heather and Vanessa. It’s always great to get the young ones interested. You never know, they may stay interested all their lives.

Jeanette Varcoe. Jeanette Varcoe. 39 posts

Loved this Steve, adore fungi and its unique beauty. You have captured something really special.

MotherNature MotherNature 6809 posts

I’m totally blown away by this – it’s terrific! I’d love to see more of the spider and I think there was a nematode at the beginning – so interesting and so very well done!!!! Thank you or sharing it here and don’t forget us when you do more:>)