A group for images of those soft and weird fungi and mushrooms that you find.

  • Armillaria Ostoyae , Standing Tall by relayer51
  • Tiny Toady on the Driveway by Ubernoobz
  • Two together by vigor
  • Mushroom Down by Eileen McVey
  • Happy Trails by corydiamond
  • Pink Coral fungus by John Butler
  • Mushroom Home 1 by Octavio Velazquez
  • Spring Forth  by lorilee
  • Pink Earth by Kathleen Daley
  • Let's Tango! by Eileen McVey
  • Toadstool House with Prayer Flags by Rebecca Barkley
  • Little Blues by Keren Smithies
  • White Mushroom by Sharon Woerner
  • Beautiful patterns by Helen Greenwood
  • In My Front Yard..Copinus Atramentarus...thanks Manon by Diane Arndt
  • Unusual Mushroom by relayer51
  • Tiny Toadstool by Susan S. Kline
  • Tiny Fungi by Keren Smithies