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Enter your best Clavaria or Ramaria species.

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The Challenge

Coral fungi.
The coral fungi range in form from simple or branched clubs to large, complex, coral-like structures. Most species grow on the ground, a few on decaying wood. The fertile tissue covers all but the stem.
Clavaria and allies have white spores. In the Ramaria group the spores are yellow brown.
Ref.: The field guide to Autralian fungi by Bruce Fuhrer.

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Cover Image: Ramaria species. Basidiomycota. by vandeBelt


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Twisted Coral by Steve Axford

Twisted Coral by Steve Axford was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Fungi Season 26 by Normf
  • Fungus on Fungus by muzwilson
  • Clavicorona sp by Colin12
  • fungi - in the bush  (Tasmania) by gaylene

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