A group for images of those soft and weird fungi and mushrooms that you find.

April Features

This challenge closed over 5 years ago.

The Challenge

ONLY images that were featured in April in the Fungilicious group. MUST have the features banner or I’ll delete!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Only vote for the image you like most that was featured in the Fungilicious group in April

Rewards & Prizes

Will get to pick 3 more images to show from their work to feature on the group’s main page. ONLY of work that is in the group (mushrooms,fungi,lichens,molds,mosses….)

Cover Image: Parasol mushroom by Jane Corey


The Top Ten

All the Frills by Andrew S

All the Frills by Andrew S was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Fungi Season 1101 by Normf
  • "THE DAINTIEST LITTLE "FUNGILICIOUS" - Coprinid family by Magriet Meintjes
  • Oyster mushrooms by Jane Corey
  • Pretty Turkey Tails by suzannem73
  • Mushroom Village by Brett Williams
  • fungus dreaming by Joel Fourcard
  • Bearded Tooth Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) by MotherNature
  • Spider Legs by Jonathan Coe
  • Apple Tree Host by Rusty Katchmer

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  1. Featured images September 2016 - BY INVITATION ONLY

    Featured images September 2016 - BY INVITATION ONLY

    If you had your image Featured during the Month of September 2016 in the Fungilicious group and…

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