A group for images of those soft and weird fungi and mushrooms that you find.

Gilled Splendor

This challenge closed almost 4 years ago.

The Challenge

For this challenge, I’m asking you to photograph the UNDERSIDE of a mushroom cap!
I want to see those gills, those pores, the smooth or roughness of it.
This applies ONLY to mushrooms and fungi (not the molds/lichens/mosses…sorry!).
I know many of us are getting older and starting to get stiff in the joints….but lets see if we can work with it for this challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Photo that is image of the underside of a mushroom and fungi cap. ONLY mushrooms and fungi for this. All others I’ll delete.

Rewards & Prizes

I’ll put it up on the main page so everyone can see the beauty that is hidden in those darker places of the world.

Cover Image: A-Mazed by Carla Wick/Jan...


The Top Ten

Fungi by Anna D'Accione

Fungi by Anna D'Accione was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Shroomscape by Marcia Rubin
  • Bottom view of Pink gills and brown top fungi  by Esther's Art and Photography
  • Under a mushroom sky by solareclips~Julie  Alexander
  • Under the Umbrella by Rusty Katchmer
  • I Love Ribs by vigor
  • I Choose Vanilla by Marilyn Cornwell
  • Untitled by emma239
  • Up Into It's Business by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters
  • The Gill Vortex by jmjgemini

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    Featured images June 2014

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