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Carve or cut a Fungi shape challenge. (Read the Rules!)

This challenge closed almost 7 years ago.

The Challenge

After seeing this awesome piece of art, I thought what other fruit, or material could we use to carve a fungi? I reckon we never will be as good as John, or maybe you are. Please have a go at this awesome craft.
Please enter an image of a Fungi that you were able to carve or cut out of something……
Surprise me !!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the one you like the best.

Rewards & Prizes

The honour of winning and the winning image will be in the spotlight on the overview page of our group for at least Two weeks.

Additional Information

A big thank you to John for adding this fantastic image and art into the Fungilicious group. It makes off course a great example image for this challenge.

PS I will give this challenge Three weeks to enter and one week for voting as there is a bit of work involved ;o))

Cover Image: You can be so much more! by John Poon


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You can be so much more! by John Poon

You can be so much more! by John Poon was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

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