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Circle challenge.(Please read the rules!)

This challenge closed almost 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Please enter an image with a Fungi and where we can see a circle shape somewhere in the image. This can be a pattern on the Fungi or the shape of the Fungi. Or of something totally different, but then there still has to be a Fungi in the image!!! Please , No oval/egg shapes!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the image that you think is the best.

Rewards & Prizes

The honour of winning. Plus the winning image will be shown on the front page for at least Two weeks.

Additional Information

I big thank you to Gordon for adding this image into the Fungilicious group. It makes a perfect example image for this challenge.

Egg or oval shapes will be removed from this challenge!!!

Cover Image: Fungi by Gordo


The Top Ten

Microporus xanthopus by Erin Anderson

Microporus xanthopus by Erin Anderson was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Full moon by traveller
  • See what happens when we shop at the same store – we all end up with the same hats. by Garth Smith
  • triangle fungi by Manon Boily
  • Forest Fungi by robmac
  • Fungingulus by Rebelle
  • fungus #3 Natural Arch  by Virginia McGowan
  • Fungi by Mandy Kerr
  • Friends by Mimmie Hunter
  • A nest of orange egss. by LillyDigi

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