Much More Mucha

This group pays tribute to the style of Art Nouveau at its finest.

Recent Work

  • "Taking Charge" by Sandy Sparks
  • Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap) by Fay Helfer
  • Frida Kahlo by Elisabete Nascimento
  • Gold Gilded Leda: A Bollywood Geisha by Barbora  Urbankova
  • "Justice" Tarot Card by WinonaCookie
  • Bonnibel and Marcy: Complete me by Barbora  Urbankova
  • Visage:Don't cry for me St Sebastian  by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • Frida Does Kahlo by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • Vanilla by Fay Helfer
  • Lost Empire  by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • Another Kind Of Rhapsody by dorina costras
  • Datura by Fay Helfer

About This Group

It is the cascading hair, the billowy sheets, the intricate tapestry of the Victorian nightgowns, the odd branches, and the many flowers that frame the face of usually a stoic expression. The delicately placed fingers of hands gesturing to come hither or drawing the viewer in to purchase what was being used. Mucha is known for the many playbills, posters, magazine covers, and commercialized labels for many products. Though there are other arttists in the same genre, none like Alphonse Mucha.

2011 Winning Images. Congratulations!

2012 Winning Images! Congratulations!

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