Movie Humour

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Darth Vader's crazy antics

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We all know Darth Vader as that crazy whacky guy who is always making us laugh !
… what? you haven’t seen his lighter side?
Well, I can guarantee that many of this group’s members know exactly what I’m talking about, and we now encourage you to show us !
New works created for this challenge are encouraged, but if you have something that you think fits the bill you can also enter existing works.

Judging / Voting Criteria

vote for what makes you giggle. It’s the way Darth would have wanted it.

Rewards & Prizes

your work will be featured.
AND will be our group avatar. !!

Additional Information

.. how much more information could you possibly want. Stop reading and start making me laugh !

Cover Image: Star Wars Uncut by JemK


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