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Artistic Motion - Photography

Group Rules:

1. Upload your BEST work. PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY.
2. Images must show a time-based motion blur, preferably with something in the photo that is in sharp focus. If the blur does not indicate movement, it will not be accepted.
3. No nudity or pornographic images.
4. NO unintentional camera shake shots. There is a difference.


  1. CAMERA SHAKE SHOTS – If the whole image is blurred due to unintentional camera shake, then you’ve missed the point. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM.
  2. STOPPED MOTION – Or where the action is frozen in time. Even though these images may indicate movement, it is not with motion blur or time based capture.
  3. SNAPSHOTS – You just happen to capture something move in a snap that you took. That’s not the point of this group.
  4. LONG EXPOSURE SHOTS without any motion blur.

Members who repeatedly submit photos that DO NOT FIT in the group as per the rules above will be removed.

By joining this group you are giving the moderators usage rights to your photos for the groups purposes. Moderators may use submitted photos for avatar, challenges or other notifications.

group avatar – Ptica