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Artistic Motion - Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY. MOTION as an ART. Use time-based motion blur in your work to portray movement.

July 2009 (locked)

JHP Unique and Beautiful Images JHP Unique and... 213 posts

Hi everyone in the group,

I would like to see more entries in our current challenge Here.

I have extended the challenge by another week, as there were only eight images being voted on where there is normally a top ten to be voted for. There are links on the challenge page to take you to Hight Definition Range imaging techniques and a tutorial which explains things further.

So come on guys, get cracking and inspired, cause I’m keen to see what people can come up with.

Kazzoom Kazzoom 119 posts

oooops can you remove my photo please i hit the wrong button lol

Katagram Katagram 135 posts

Can’t promise I will get it done in time, but will give it my best “shot” !!!