Best photos taken in Morocco

Recent Work

  • Satin Flycatcher (Male) by CBoyle
  • Lattice Shadows, Marrakesh, Morocco by Robert La Bua
  • Tea Service, Marrakesh, Morocco by Robert La Bua
  • Fruits du Maroc by smacdonald
  • Essaouira Port by Joanne Pickering
  • Koutoubia at Night by Joanne Pickering
  • Essaouira Souk by Joanne Pickering
  • Textiles in Essaouira by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos
  • A Grand Day Out by AJM Photography
  • Majorelle by Joanne Pickering
  • Menara Gardens by Joanne Pickering
  • In Harmony 3 by monaiman

About This Group

This group is a preview of life style, landscape, culture and Art related to this beautiful country, jewel of North-Africa called Morocco.
In arabic it’s called “Maghrib” which means Sunset.
It’s a country known by its huge range of different climates, with its big history in Art, Science, Culture, Culinary Art, Kindness and Hospitality of its citizens…and more and more.
It’s also the link between Europe and Africa, and this plays a lot in the life style of moroccan people.

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