Mood & Ambi(e)nce - Strictly Photos / ( No need to enter images in the group for the challenges)

Art with a great sense of mood and ambiance. Unique and awe-inspiring lighting, perspective and overall ideas are encouraged! Think MOOD!

  • Target Shooting by Helen Vercoe
  • Old Friends by shutterbug2010
  • Action 1 by Sanjay  Kumar
  • The Cathedral Church of Saints Mary & Joseph • Armidale • New South Wales by William Bullimore
  • Rocks of Ages by Felix Haryanto
  • The cabin in the forest by Adri  Padmos
  • Room with a view, city lights, vodka, cigars, and all things delight! by Linda Papagna
  • "Let's stroll !" by Elizabeth Kendall
  • Alone by NewfieKeith
  • Re Island - Misty Morning. by Jean-Luc Rollier
  • awakening by deville
  • LionsGate (Retro) by RobertCharles
  • Pencil Twist by Zach Pezzillo
  • The S's have it in this......Sparkling, Sunset, Splash! by Helen Vercoe
  • old mirror by Marianna Tankelevich
  • Escaping Madness by Andrew Paranavitana
  • Little Red 7 by Trish Woodford
  • Pineapple 'n Lemon  by scarletjames