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Mood & Ambi(e)nce - Strictly Photos / ( No need to enter images in the group for the challenges)

Art with a great sense of mood and ambiance. Unique and awe-inspiring lighting, perspective and overall ideas are encouraged! Think MOOD!


This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Enter a photo of a reptile : any cold-blooded vertebrate of the class Reptilia, comprising the turtles, snakes, lizards, crocodilians, and various extinct members including the dinosaurs.

(thanks dictionary.com)

Judging / Voting Criteria


Rewards & Prizes


Additional Information

This challenge brought to you by : arizonaspark

—-You DO NOT need to enter photos in the group for ANY challenges, unless you wish the photo to be considered for a feature. The group art and the challenges are independent of each other. —-—-—

Cover Image: Cleaning time - Rough Knob Tail by Steve Bullock


The Top Ten

Spotted Python - Antaresia maculosa by Paul Davis

Spotted Python - Antaresia maculosa by Paul Davis was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • Gecko by villrot
  • Emerald Tree Boa by margotk
  • Close to the Iguana by Donna Adamski
  • Ssssssssnake by down23
  • Panamanian Iguana by Karen Scrimes
  • GO AWAY!! by CynLynn
  • Gorgeous by randmphotos
  • Collared Lizard, Arizona by Tamas Bakos
  • Albino Rattler by Samantha Dean

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