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Mood & Ambi(e)nce - Strictly Photos / ( No need to enter images in the group for the challenges)

Art with a great sense of mood and ambiance. Unique and awe-inspiring lighting, perspective and overall ideas are encouraged! Think MOOD!


This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Enter a true photo of two companions, buddies, confidants, soulmates.

Animal or human or thing or any combinations.

Judging / Voting Criteria


Rewards & Prizes

… to be announced.

Cover Image: Follow The Leader by down23


The Top Ten

Cuddle Buddies by Chelsea Brewer

Cuddle Buddies by Chelsea Brewer was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 11 votes.

  • BROTHERS IN ARMS by chick
  • Kisses from Diesel by Lover1969
  • Jump! by rajamis
  • Love you Mom by MarianaEwa
  • Follow The Leader by down23
  • Coworkers by Ted Byrne
  • Sisters by Francesca Rizzo
  • Go Rocky....Go! by Paul Woloschuk
  • Dublin-dog and daddy by JenniferJW

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