Black & White NIGHT Photography

Group Rules:

Please be aware that we are looking for incredible, quality black & white night photography. If your image does not get approved please don’t try to resubmit it as it will just be rejected again. Please read the following simple requirements, thank you :)

  • no colour, no sepia … black & white only please
  • photography only please
  • no textures or over manipulation in post processing, we want to see what you can achieve with the camera, not your post processing skills
  • no signatures please
  • borders will be acceptable if they compliment the overall composition
  • We welcome HDR but please don’t over do it, try to keep the image looking like a photograph
  • please don’t upload several images that are similar
  • please keep the # of images submitted per day to 3 maximum, if this is abused we may have to set limits on total works submitted and we don’t want to do that
  • participate in the group messages and try to make time to congratulate featured photographs and featured artists

Here’s some examples from our members of exactly what we are looking for and want to showcase