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Traditional Mixed Media....one image per day

Traditional Mixed Media

Recent Work

  • Under a Van Gogh Sky by RoyAllen Hunt
  • No Ice In Poland - Dedicated to Geoffrey Holder by RoyAllen Hunt
  • Fruiting bodies 1 "Woody Pears" by HelenAmyes
  • Squawk by Ingrid Susanne Bergø
  • The Big Black Fox Jumped Over the Giant White Bear. by Andy Nawroski
  • Fey Queen (Fairy Queen) by Beau Ravn
  • Hope by Beau Ravn
  • Manzanita Thicket by Kate LeVering
  • Love Cat by ancapora
  • Portrait of Michel  by Roz McQuillan
  • Shirakawago 白川村 by Ming  Myaskovsky
  • This Jagged Flag. by Andy Nawroski

About This Group

Welcome to the TRADITIONAL MIXED MEDIA group!

This group is for artists that create Traditional Mixed Media artwork on canvas, paper or any other substrate.


  • Your image must combine different traditional artistic media in significant amounts, and not photographic processes…media means something that can be used on it’s own, (ink, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, pastels and so on), so using a texturizing ingredient, an impasto or acrylic medium under acrylic or watercolour or oils is not a mixed media work as far as this group is concerned
All submissions must be on a physical substrate, ie, canvas, wood, cardboard, paper etc..

Mixed Media in this group means traditional painting or drawing with a variety of media…e.g. inks, coffee, watercolor, pastels and acrylic, and traditional painting combined with printmaking, or posters and photographs, etc. (You must own the copyright or have a license for any photo or poster used)…the other media used must be media that can be used on it’s own…
For example sand or other acrylic mediums as a substrate with another media mixed in or on top, is not a mixed media work as far as this group is concerned..
A painting which was sketched or drawn in pencil or pen etc. then painted in any other media is not a mixed media work….the various media used in a true mixed media work, has to show on the surface of the painting, and has to be part of the finish or can be used on it’s own…
Note also that crafts will not be accepted, such as tie dye, batik, embroidery, wood burning etc nor will airbrushing or other techniques like it..

Photographic or Digital Media or manipulation of a traditional work will not be accepted in any form…

Cartoon type drawings will not be accepted…

A photo of a mixed media sculpture or 3d piece or composition will not be accepted…

All entries must include a full description of what makes the work mixed media, otherwise they will be removed.

Multiple images with identical or similar themes from the same artist will be removed, as we prefer to showcase a variety of work.

For challenges, you must be a member and your entry should have been accepted into the group prior to entering the challenge or the work will be removed from the challenge..

Please enter only your very best work…works that are in progress, sketches, studies, or obviously sub par will be rejected…

Entries are limited to one in any 24 hour period, more than two will be rejected..

Enjoy, have fun, and don’t forget to visit the forums!

From time to time I will feature 12 works of a single artist…that artist will also be the featured artist while those works are up…criteria is simply consistently good work submitted to the group..

RB Home Page – Mixed Media – 13 April 2011

See the group rules and join this group here

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