Minimalist Landscapes (2 per day)

Group Rules:

This group is for photography or artwork.

2 a day, please.

Wide open spaces are the rule here. We are looking for landscapes with truly minimal detail. There can be buildings, trees, water, animals, even people but these elements cannot be the majority of the work.

Shots where the cloud formations and colors of a sunset or sunrise are the main focal point will be rejected.

If an artwork is so abstract as to be unrecognizable as a landscape it will be rejected.

Please take the time to straighten out your horizon line.

Digital manipulation is fine as long as the image is recognizable as a landscape. Messy editing will result in rejection of the image.

Artworks must be presented in focus and cropped so no edges of the paper or canvas are showing. Paintings shot with noticeable glare will not make the cut.

Hosts have the right to reject works at their discretion.

Thank you for joining us!