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Minimalism - Visual Purity 1p.d.

Minimalism (wikipedia definition) .


  • The Nightingale's Dream by Evelyn Bach
  • Breakthrough by Kasia-D
  • The End . . . by Renee Blake
  • Long Dale Glow by Paul  Green
  • the game ended in a draw by Priska Wettstein
  • It's a big world. by Beata  Czyzowska Young
  • ~On Silent Wings~ by a~m .
  • Breeze by Mikhail Palinchak
  • Rest stop by Al Williscroft
  • I'm still alive for you by Larry  Stewart
  • Curvilinear by Robert Meyer
  • One misty morning at Fakkegrav by Kim Hansen
  • Outback Moon by Peter Doré
  • Beneath Skogafoss, Iceland by Tim Edmonds
  • Socked In by Rebecca Cozart
  • Midnight Passing by Ron C. Moss
  • Take Me Home by Ron C. Moss
  • This moment, right now by Larry  Stewart